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  • Atomium Restaurant
  • Atomium Restaurant

About the Chef

It would be undoubtedly necessary to speak about the culinary vision of Chief Alexandre Masson, which bases his cooking on the choice of the more natural quality products possible: respect for the season, freshness, harmony of the elements, local tastes... all of these primordial elements allow him to talk about his art, to highlight the product oth at the taste and presentational level.

Having tremendous respect for nature and for the best of what she has to offer us, Alexander has made it a lifestyle, and it can be seen especially through the very judicious selection of spirits and wines.

Alexandre particularly likes the European and regional cuisine. He is a passionate and an epicurean who loves to constantly add a touch of novelty in his menu, and to pass through its cuisine, his life, his travels and discoveries …

So, what are you waiting to meet him ?